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Social security claims can be complex and confusing. Getting the right kind of professional help with your claim will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your claim is being handled appropriately. An attorney with an office in your community gives you easy access to your attorney and better communication about your claim.

John D. Ellis has been representing disabled individuals in social security disability claims since 1994, handling thousands of claims. All claims are handled personally by attorney Ellis in his office in Tucson, Arizona. You will not have to contend with contacting an out-of-town office each time you want to communicate with your lawyer about your claim. Your claim will be given the personal attention it deserves. Offices are conveniently centrally located in Tucson at 721 North 4th Ave. Choosing local counsel will enable you to maintain close contact with your representative as your claim progresses, keeping you informed about your claim.

No recovery, no fee

Claims are handled on a contingency fee basis. There is no fee unless you are successful in your claim. If successful, the fee is 25% ofretroactive benefits awarded. Costs are in addition to the fee. Costs can be advanced, but are ultimately the responsibility ofthe client. There is no charge for an initial evaluation of your claim. Call John D. Ellis at 520 624 5526 for a free consultation.

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