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If you are not able to work due to a physical or mental condition, you may be eligible to receive social security supplemental security income benefits.

You may be eligible if you:

  • Have a physical or mental condition which keeps you from working
  • Your condition has lasted, or is expected to last, for more than a year
  • You meet the financial needs tests for the program.

If eligible, you will receive a monthly supplemental security income benefit. The amount of this benefit will be determined by the amount of your income and assets. The maximum monthly benefit is currently $710.00. If you have no income or assets you will be entitled to the maximum benefit amount. If you have some income or assets this amount may be reduced. A common reduction is when someone is providing for your food and housing. If you are married, your spouse's income and assets are considered to be your assets in deciding if you meet the financial needs test.

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You may also be entitled to receive a payment for retroactive benefits. Retroactive benefits are payable when your inability to work begins before the Social Security Administration actually makes the determination that you are disabled. The most common situation where retroactive benefits are payable is when you stop working due to disability, file your claim and there is a delay in the making of the disability determination in your claim. This situation is common when a claim has been denied and appeals are required to establish disability. Retroactive benefits can only be paid as far back as the month following the date you filed for benefits. It is important to file your claim for supplemental security income benefits as soon as you become unable to work so you can receive the maximum benefit to which you are entitled.

If eligible for supplemental security income benefits, you will also be eligible for health insurance through Arizona's AHCCCS program.

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